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Company Name

  • The name of the new Company cannot be the same or similar to the existing Company name already registered with the Companies Registry. 

  • Using the words “Government”(or any government departments), “Bank” or “Trust” should be avoided except in specific situations. 

Share Capital

  • There is no minimum share capital requirement.  Share capital can be denominated in currencies other than Hong Kong dollars and multiple currency share capital is permitted. Separate classes of shares with different rights to dividend and in different currencies are permitted.


  • Minimum no. of Shareholders: One

  • Any person or company of any nationality


  • Minimum no. of Directors: One

  • Any person or company of any nationality

Company Secretary

  • A Company Secretary must be a H.K. resident or a licensed TCSP Hong Kong Company

Registered Office

  • Each company must have a registered office in Hong Kong

​Significant Controller Register (SCR)

  • With the effect from March 1, 2018, the government stipulates that companies established in Hong Kong must identify persons who have significant control rights (significant controllers) and keep a register of significant controllers for inspection by law enforcement officers upon request.

  • Also, each company must appoint a person as its representative to provide assistance to law enforcement officers in answering matters related to the important controller register. The relevant departments have the opportunity to conduct random checks on each company.

  • According to 9.1.1 of the “Guideline for Companies to Keep a Register of Significant Controllers”, failure to perform the above responsibilities is a criminal offence and each responsible person may be fined at level 4 (ie $25,000). If the situation is applicable, a fine of 700 dollars will be imposed every day.

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