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Hong Kong companies are incorporated pursuant to and governed by the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.

Most companies are private companies,“Limited by Shares”, “Unlimited Companies” and “Companies Limited by Guarantee” may also be incorporated.

Advantages of establishing a limited company in Hong Kong

1. Freedom of name choosing

  • Regardless of the size of the registered capital, the Hong Kong government allows company names to contain international, group, holding, industrial, investment and other words.

2. Low tax environment 

  • Hong Kong has a low tax rate and few types of taxes. Many international organizations take advantage of Hong Kong's tax advantages to achieve reasonable tax avoidance.

  • If your company establishes a company in Hong Kong, you generally only need to pay one kind of tax: profit tax, the tax rate is 16.5%.

  • This tax is calculated according to our actual profit (net profit). If the company does not make a profit, it does not pay tax. Hong Kong has no import and export taxes, except for alcohol, tobacco or special items.

3. Flixibility less registered capital and no capital verification

  • The registered capital in place often directly affects the shareholders' decision on whether to set up a company. No matter how much registered capital is in Hong Kong, there is no need to transfer the funds to Hong Kong banks. The minimum registered capital required by the Hong Kong government is HK $10,000. Your company can raise the registered capital according to the actual situation.

4. Easy access to international credit

  • It is well known that Hong Kong is the economic and financial center of Asia, with banks on almost every street.We can take advantage of the credit of Hong Kong banks, which is the basis for the development of international business.

  • After obtaining the credit, we can take advantage of the financial center of Hong Kong for financing, or we can directly issue letters of credit overseas to do large business with a small amount of capital.

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